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The Final Greenavoid Project meeting was done in Madrid


CETEC used the Greenavoid poster to diseminate the project in the 13th Week of Science.

During the days 29th and 30th of October 2014 a technical and consortium meeting took place with most of the Greenavoid members in the facilities of the CETEC in Alhama de Murcia.

The last 27/07/2014 the members of the Consortium had a technical meeting in Solplast facilities (Lorca, Spain)

The Greenavoid team discussed some consortium items and technical results too.

The consortium team had a meeting in FHF facilities to discuss the latest results of greenhouse film covers. The consortium will produce an small amount of masterbatch (inner and outer parts of the cover) to be blown in Solplast and analyse again the film properties.

The Research Executive Agency (REA) has approved the periodic report and the finantial statements submitted by the Greenavoid Coordinator on 31/10/2013.


The first review meeting of Greenavoid Projec was done remotely in the CCP Masterbatch premises on 25th October 2013

It was done at Inspiralia premises

This meeting was done in CETEC premises in Murcia

CP attendance to the Project Management Workshop held in Madrid at Inspiralia premises. 

The initial meeting was done at CCP premises in Spain